spells of genesis paris 2017

EDS team pays a visit to Paris Gamers

EDS team pays a visit to Paris Gamers Connecting People… A small team from EverdreamSoft is just back from the Game Connection Europe, which took place from November 1-3 in Paris. Dubbed “The Deal Making Event where key players from the games industry meet & do business together”, this event Read more…

Spells of Genesis SIACARD

Bewitched Eve October Rewards

Bewitched Eve October Rewards Here’s the list of rewards for our new “Bewitched Eve October” monthly contest. A small reminder: don’t forget to link your game account to your digital wallet. Good luck y’all!

Golden Leaves September Winners

“Golden Leaves September” Leaderboard Rewards As you already know, on September 1 we launched the first one from a series of monthly leaderboard seasons,  the “Golden Leaves September” Season. The first 2000 players on the new, monthly leaderboards have been rewarded with gold coins. The amount of the gold increases depending Read more…