Challenge Mode in Spells of Genesis

We are glad to announce that the Challenge Mode in Spells of Genesis is now available to players who’ve completed the first star of The Orc (level 25).

What is Challenge mode?

Challenge Mode is a special level in Spells of Genesis. Challenge or “Infinity” mode lets you play continuous rounds of battles until all your team members are dead. Difficulty is progressively increasing the more you progress, as you are facing stronger opponents. On some occasions, you may also oppose new adversaries or spells like the Poison Spell.

By default, it was locked to all players except to those who were able to win the first star of Dark Creator (Level 30 of the game). In order to allow more users to play this level we’ve decided to make it accessible to those who have completed the first star of Level 25, The Orc.

The Stamina cost for playing the Challenge Mode is 10 hearts.

Our advice

To have a chance to get as far as possible and gather more gold coins you have to create the strongest team you can. A powerful Shield All card will be very useful when fighting rounds of enemies. Ideally, a Carniath Creator (Yes, I know, this one is hard to get…) will protect you for a while when coupled with strong attack cards. But be careful not to lower the Speed of your team too much because you may not be able to reach opponents situated at the top of the battlefield.

Rounds of attacks will continue until your whole team has been reduced to ashes. So depending of the strength of your team, you may accumulate a couple hundred of gold coins before succumbing.

So good luck to all of you, daring fighters !

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