Get Priority Access to All New SoG Blockchain Cards!

You have probably noticed the brand new Spells of Genesis blockchain card – “White Dragon”. It is the first one from the whole series of new SOG blockchain cards we are going to release in the upcoming months.

Now you can easily become a Spells of Genesis Partner, which allows you to get all the new blockchain cards before the others!

Spells of Genesis Cards Sale System

According to the promise we made during the BitCrystals Token Sale, back in 2015, all new blockchain cards (except a few ones released for a special occasion or event) are always offered to our Partners first. We guarantee them an access to the new blockchain cards at least 30 days prior to the public.

Benefits for SoG Partners

The priority acces gives our Partners a significant advantage: they can not only be the first ones to use these cards in the game, but they can also re-sell them to other players, who do not want to wait until the card becomes publicly available (not earlier than 30 days after the sale to Partners, but the exact date is not guaranteed).

How to Become a Partner?

Originally, the Partner status was intended for participants of the BitCrystals Token Sale only. The original Bitcrystals Token Sale Partners have their status for lifetime.

Given the returning interest of some of our community members to become a Partner, we have decided to offer you the possibility of acquiring Partner status temporarily.

If you purchase BitCrystals worth of USD 2 400, paid in BTC (the rate at the moment of the purchase will be taken in account) you will get a 6-months Silver Partner access as a bonus! 


To benefit from this offer, please contact us.

If you are considering purchasing a significantly bigger amount of BCY, please contact us as well.

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