BLOCKCHAINIZATION: A New Revolution in Gaming


blockchainization card spells of genesis

Today is a pretty important day for us – and we hope for you too! We’re really excited to announce the launch of something we are calling “blockchainization” – a way for anyone to convert your in-game assets into verified, owned, tradeable blockchain assets.

After Spells of Genesis became the first game to integrate the blockchain, our new Blockchainization feature is another world-first. And it’s another big step towards our vision of a future where gamers have true ownership of their digital gaming assets.

Blockchainization allows you to transform your in-game assets into standalone, trade-able blockchain assets. Any of your fully levelled-up, quad-fused in-game cards can be transformed into a blockchain asset which is stored in your digital wallet, independent to the game database.

Once converted to the blockchain, these cards can be moved into another wallet, sold, or exchanged with other players. Some SoG blockchain cards can also be used in other games.

How does blockchainization work?
    • You need to have linked your digital wallet to your game account
    • Only fully levelled-up quad-fused in-game cards can be blockchainized
    • Three blockchainizations per month are allowed – to deter speculators and guarantee that blockchanized assets retain their scarcity value
    • The blockchain fees are taken care of by EDS
    • The cost of each blockchainization is variable, paid in crystals or gems
      • 1st card:  200 crystals
      • 2nd card: 35 gems
      • 3rd card: 150 gems

The blockchainization will be available for all SoG players starting from Wednesday, December 6, 2017!

Obviously, we are really excited about this new development, and we believe that it is another step on the path to allowing all gamers to own and control their own digital assets. But like many radical innovations, the impact of new technologies on the public is difficult to foresee. We strongly believe that blockchainization of digital assets has the potential transform the gaming industry, and as such, it is an approach that we will champion to anyone willing to listen! Our plan over the coming months is to try to make as much noise as we can about what we are doing – and as our fans and players, we hope you’ll support what we are doing too.

Our whole team is very excited to have you all with us as we continue our journey forwards!

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