Spells of Genesis 1.2.18 available now

Spells of Genesis version 1.2.18 has been released Spells of Genesis version 1.2.18 is now available in the stores. Make sure to upgrade to take advantage of this new build. Here’s what’s new: – Gold and crystals earned now fly towards the total amount when obtained. – New Stamina icon Read more…


September Roads Monthly Campaign

September Roads Monthly Campaign Halt, wayfarer! My name is Alrik. I am alone and far away from my kingdom. Could you help me find my way? Many travellers scour the roads of Askian. You may encounter them from time to time, to confront or befriend them.┬áBut one thing is sure, Read more…

august monthly campaign header

King of August Monthly Campaign

King of August Monthly Campaign “Halt soldier! You cannot challenge me, because August is my kingdom and of this world I am the King!” King Hurienk reigns over the hot kingdom of August. Do not underestimate his strength and wrath for they are fiery hot. The new Spells of Genesis Read more…