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In this series of interviews we want to let our users speak about their experience of Everdreamsoft’s game Spells of Genesis. Today, Tychaeus, who is Nr 7 on the leaderboard and scores 714584 points, is sharing his views and thoughts on one of his favorite games.

Tychaeus Spells of GenesisWhere do you live? How old are you? What is your job?

I live in Beaumont, Texas-U.S. I previously worked as a Mental Health Case Worker and Instructor. I am currently between jobs and am working part time for a restaurant food delivery service called “Waitr.”

How and when did you discover Spells of Genesis?

I discovered SoG where I find all my other mobile game information, which is Touch Arcade. I started playing during early early beta, not sure exactly when, but played through enough iterations that I can’t remember the number.

Why have you been attracted to SoG?

It’s a very unique game. I probably would not usually enjoy just the stand alone arcade aspect, but mixing in the trading card aspect along with collecting and upgrading them… just grabbed me early on and I never got sick of it. I always want to make just a bit more gold or summon just another 10-20 cards haha!

What bothers you in the game? What do you like in it?

Hmmmm. Man, that IS a question LoL! Up until the most recent campaigns not much bothered me about the game except big issues like… wanting real time multiplayer, both PvP and some sort of co-op. Of course, I know those concepts are huge undertakings and so it’s not necessarily a “bother,” just more of a wish for the future. More social aspects to the overall game of course, I think everyone wants that. As far as the newest campaigns I don’t HATE them, in fact I really like a lot of them. The first and last campaigns are just frustrating and in less of a good or entertaining way than stages of past campaigns have been. Also, the fact that the first and last of the newest campaigns are so similar in construction and even difficulty just seemed odd as a design choice. One other thing about the new campaigns: there seemed to be a lot of repetition of stages within campaigns. Not sure if this has always been the case with stages in the past, but I noticed there was less variety, or maybe I just noticed this for the first time.

One last thing. The cost of refilling stamina… I wish it could be less. The current set up is very pricey just to be able to play more than 15 minutes a sitting… especially for such a fun and addictive game. I have spent no money on blockchain cards as I am between a part time job and finding a new career path. But I would imagine I’ve spent as much on premium currency just to keep playing as some have on blockchain cards. Oh, I wish there were more storytelling, cutscenes, dialogue, anything adding to the story.

As for what I like? Good Lord… I just wanna say… everything else that was not mentioned above haha! I really love the high of getting that card you have been needing so you can fuse. The new result, even just going from non-fused to dual-fused is in some cases very satisfying. And ultimately quad-fusing one of your favorite Legendary cards is great.

Also, as I posted more than once on the forum, the artwork on said cards is extraordinary. You guys really have great and imaginative artists, without a doubt. Triple kudos to the artists. I love the feeling of overcoming that campaign that destroyed you in the first 5 seconds a few weeks ago after upgrading your deck. The variety of gameplay modes is coming along, but we still need more variety. I know you guys are working on it, and I do love what we currently have.

Lastly, I really like conversing with other players who are clearly as passionate as I am if not more on the forums. Also, that you guys have the guts to include yourselves in some of the more critical of content dialogues. I honestly can’t believe the game isn’t more well known or spotlighted on the app store.

What is your favorite card and deck?

Tychaeus-deck Spells of Genesis

Hmm, I am torn between a few ones. Definitely my top three would be Queens Trident, Heavenly Shepherd, and whatever the Apprentice of Aodh fuses into, can’t remember the name. I have Shepherd and Queen both quad-fused and love them. They are very effective as well as absolutely beautiful artwork. I still only have one unfused Aodh and this is my highest priority card right, it’s definitely my most coveted. Even to finally get it dual-fused would make me quite happy! I have a core deck, but I pretty much never dismantle an epic or higher card anymore ever and, as a result, have a good bit of variety to choose from depending on the challenge I am be facing.

Did you purchase gems and if yes, how often and how do you use them?

Gosh, yes, I don’t even know how many gems I’ve purchased really. I used to use them non-stop, but I had to slow down as I was spending too much. Not because I really HAD too, but because I really just wanted to keep playing, and stamina just doesn’t stretch very far.


What gaming strategy would you recommend for beginners?

Try not to dismantle every card you get, and try to save cards that are effective and you like so you can eventually get multiples of that card to fuse, which is the main avenue of progression. If and when you draw an Epic or Legendary, DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT dismantle it, no matter how much you think you need elemental crystals. Epics and Legendaries are so rare and powerful you need to keep every one you find if you ever want a truly effective deck, especially for the higher end campaigns down the road.

Anything else you want to add?

I still love this game even after playing it almost two years + since the start of beta… alpha? It has been so long I can’t remember if there was an alpha or just beta. I can’t wait to see what the team has in store for the future and even beyond SoG in a possible sequel or a new project.

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