Lordmancer II ICO: +10% of LordCoins for BitCrystals Holders!


EverdreamSoft has already announced its support for the LordCoin (LC) ICO aimed at funding the development of Lordmancer II, Active Games LLC’s new mobile free-to-play massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) that allows players to mine Lordcoins and spend them inside and outside of the game. Their ICO has just started and the current price is 2 970 LordCoins (LC) for 1 ETH. The price will increase during the ICO.

The Lordmancer II ICO announcement received a warm feedback from the BCY community, therefore the team behind Lordmancer II, Active Games LLC decided to offer additionnal 10% of purchased LordCoins to BCY holders. Since BCY owners understand the underlying value of the secondary market of digital assets and of their true ownership they are naturally inclined to be strong promoters of Lordmancer II.

To benefit from this special offer, valid until November 18th, you need to create an Ether Wallet and to register both your Counterparty and your Ether wallets in the airdrop tool. Please, be sure to register the same ETH address you’re going to use to purchase your LordCoins. Each correctly registered ETH address will receive additional 10% of purchased LordCoins after the end of the ICO.

If you are new to the Ethereum ecosystem, feel free to follow the “How to participate in an ICO made with Ethereum” guide!

SoG ft. Lormancer

Dracomancer is a beautiful blockchain card, designed exclusively for SoG by the Lordmancer team. Dracomancer, issued in a limited supply of 800 units, will be available at the Partner Merchant‘s from Wednesday, November 8th, 3pm CET.

Don’t miss your chance!



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