November’s Feast Monthly Campaign

Foolish traveler! I devour ten like you every day!

Winter is coming but the month of November promised to be festal. Our new monthly campaign is going to be legendary (wink, wink!). As a matter of fact a new Legendary card will be issued with the new campaign : The Orc. I’m sure many players (Japan, are you listening?) will be thrilled to get this new card!

Card Evolution

The Orc (single)- The Orc’s Fire (dual)- The Orc’s Assault (quad).

The Orc’s Assault stats

The new satistics for the Orc’s Assault are quite impressive! At its maximum evolution this card has:

Health: 37; Attack: 5; Speed: 0; Spell: Flame All 12

The Orc's Assault spells of genesis card

Her are the details of the card:

Single (wood)
Attack (AT), Health (HP), Speed (SP), Strength (ST) Spell
Unfused lvl 1 (wood): AT 3; HP 21; SP 0 –
Unfused lvl 6 (wood): AT 4; HP 31; SP 0 –

Double-fused lvl 6 (silver)
AT 5; HP 35; SP 0; Flame 12
Quad-fused lvl 6 (gold)
AT 5; HP 37; SP 0; Flame All 12

As you may know, there is already a level with “The Orc” as the main enemy (Level 20). However, the balance of this Boss level has been modified accordingly so that it doesn’t become more difficult with this more powerful Orc.

November’s Feast

The main character of the new campaign is The Orc’s Assault. This is an adversary you’ve already met on the map if you are a perseverant player. The Orc has and insatiable appetite for imprudent travelers. Will you be able to stomach his attacks? I presume some serious Shield and Health will be needed to defeat this monster.


Orc: late 16th century (denoting an ogre): perhaps from Latin orcus ‘hell’ or Italian orco ‘demon, monster,’ influenced by obsolete orc ‘ferocious sea creature’ and by Old English orcneas ‘monsters’ The current sense is due to the use of the word in Tolkien’s fantasy adventures.

Good luck to you all for this new monthly campaign in Spells of Genesis.

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