Spells of Genesis version 1.2.19 is out!

A new version of Spells of Genesis has just been released. Version 1.2.19 come with several improvements.

New campaign names

spells of genesis new map

Some levels’ names have been changed to better match the design of the Askian map. Here’s the list:

1. The adventure begins!1. The adventure begins!
2. The Stag Warrior2. The Gatekeeper
3. Sylvan Elf3. The Crystal Mines
4. Mother Bird4. Mountain Birds
5. The Wooden Monster5. Wooden Monster
6. The Dragon-Tamer6. The Dragon-tamer
7. En garde !7. Mystical Oak
8. The Rumour8. Countryside Rumour
9. Kayla9. Magic Mountain
10. Purple Dragon10. Curse of Heights
11. Akam the Sorcerer11. Village Gates
12. The Messenger12. Garden Messenger
13. A Fortuitous Encounter13. A Fortuitous Encounter
14. Prince of Ice14. Prince of Ice
15. Giant of the Mountains15. Giant of the Mountains
16. Spirit of the Druids16. Spirit of the Ramparts
17. Ridan the Druid17. Druid of the Harbor
18. Herbod the Druid18. Druid of the Hamlet
19. Quirin the Druid19. Druid of the Sanctuary
20. Sia20. Witch of the Hills
21. White Dragon21. Dragon Peak
22. The Watcher22. Cursed Path
23. The Crow Warrior23. Swamps of the Crow
24. Werewolf24. Call of the Woods
25. The Orc25. Eye of the Orc
26. The Bear Spirit26. Prophecy of the Water
27. The Archer27. Wise Advice
28. Wild Horse28. Wild Horse Camp
29. Lightning Warrior29. Creator’s Guardian
30. Dark Creator30. Dark Creator

Card Balance

The balance of some cards have been slightly modified. Here’s the list of changes:

– The Orc: (updated for new monthly campaign).
– Fairy Tales Poet: +1 strength, -1 health
– Crystal Miner: +1 health
– Water Elf Warrior: +1 attack, -1 health
– Troll Scout: same stats but weaker on start.
– Dark Statue: same stats but more health on start.
– Scolopigas: same stats but weaker on start
– Sylvan Elf: same stats but no shield on start
– Nest of Insects: extra health on start, but eventually same stats
– Spectre Shaman: same stats in end, but different starting stats
– Dog Handler: +2 health
– Feodora: +1 health
– Centaur: +1 attack
– Virbulos: +1 health, flame all from start
– Unicorn: +1 health
– Ice Itlan Warrior: +1 health
– Crystal Golem: +1 health
– Firefly: same stats but different per level

Improved tutorial

The tutorial at the beginning of the game has been improved. There were quite a lot of moments where the player was suddenly left alone and didn’t know what to do. Also many players skipped through the tutorial without reading, and later didn’t understand key concepts. We added tutorial steps where necessary, and highlighted key concepts in blue so even if the player only scans the text, he will still get the most important things required to play the game.

new tutorial spells of genesis

Level design and card reward + balance changes in the first 8 campaigns

We saw that the early gameplay experience was quite boring compared to the mid/late game experience. There were little amount of enemies, little opportunities to make cool bounces and show skill. Also it took quite a while before spells were introduced, leaving the battlefield empty and too straightforward. We improved the level design of the first 8 campaigns to make them more interesting, and changed and rebalanced some early cards the player gets to get him in contact with spells sooner and make the cards more unique in terms of stats.

Players can now drag a shot from the character

We saw recently during events that a lot of players tried to drag shots from their character (at the bottom of the screen), which didn’t allowed the player to shoot. In the upcoming release, players can shoot by dragging from their character and in this way cause less frustration upon first use. We expect hereby that more users will pass through level 1. (This doesn’t influence gameplay/balance, only the controls).

More quests in early game

We saw that after about 10-15 minutes of gameplay (before end of first session) the players completed their quests and had no quests to work towards. Also because of this the rewards were suddenly a lot lower than in the first 10 minutes of the game. We’ve added some additional quests so the player always has goals to work towards, and more rewards.

Gold piles in levels

They spawn after every couple of levels and can be collected just like activating spells. This is an extra and more engaging way of getting gold for the player. We hope this will improve the looting experience and give players an extra strategic choice in battle.

Other changes

Resources gained through quests and achievements are now animated towards the total to make it more rewarding and clear what happens with resources.

We also changed the icon for stamina from a heart to a lightning because many players thought it was either “health” or a “heart system,” which was confusing.

We hope that all the changes will give you a better gaming experience and solve some of the issues you may have had with Spells of Genesis.

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