New Legendary Earth Card in Spells of Genesis

Alrik spells of genesis card

Great news, folks! A new Legendary Earth card will be added to the in-game set of cards on September 3rd! This is the first time it happens since the launch of Spells of Genesis! Please welcome Alrik. He is the chief of an ancestral clan of centaur-warriors who are trained to fight the trolls and goblins of the mountains of Askian. This centaur is a very powerful beast, which will certainly attract the attention of the most seasoned players of the game. This card will be the center of the story of the September monthly campaign and its main character. It will also be the card reward for the 7th star of the campaign.

This new Earth card is very fast (3 Speed), which makes it very different than the current (and only) Earth Legendary (Carniath Creator), which has a 0 Speed.

Statistics upon purchase (not upgraded, not fused):

Attack: 2; Health: 7; Speed: 3; Shield: 1

Statistics upon quad-fused and fully upgraded:

Attack: 5, Health: 23, Speed: 3, Shield: 6

Normal purchases

This card can be obtained like the other in-game cards (gold & gem purchases)

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