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Celestyn: a step closer to the “blockchainization” feature

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Public Interactive Roadmap

To give our community the opportunity to contribute to the development of Spells of Genesis with their ideas and opinions, and also to keep you up to date with our progress, we’ve set a Public Interactive Trello Roadmap

On Thursday, November 9th, we’re going to release the game version 1.2.8. with the following improvements.


Several bugs were fixed, as for example the following ones:

  • Bug: Laser beam inaccuracy
  • Bug: Web version – out of memory
  • Bug: Android – no video to gain stamina
New Features

Digital Wallet Linking Integration

From now on, not only players using the Book of Orbs, but also the  IndieSquare wallet users can link their wallet directly from the game app. Look for the “Blockchain Wallet” menu item.

Shop Update

You’ll be able to take advantage of our temporary offers to be sure to get better (rare, epic or even legendary) cards! The first special offer will hit the store next week, keep an eye on it!

Target and Shield Spells do not Stack

The target and shield spells no longer stack, only the strongest is now applied to the player or the enemy.


“Blockchainization” is the process of converting a fully levelled-up quad-fused in-game card into a blockchain asset. Transforming your in-game assets into blockchain assets will give you the “true ownership” of these assets and you’ll be able to freely transfer, sell or exchange them.

The blockchainization feature is now available in its alpha version to a pre-selected pool of users. In roughly a month, it will be launched globally, for all SoG players.

Stay tuned!

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