Spells of Genesis March release

The month of March has yet to leave the frozen trees of February behind and to come to fruition but it’s already bringing its lot of novelties to Spells of Genesis. Here’s a quick overview of our latest delivery.

Footpath animation

When a player unlocks a new campaign, a short animation now shows dots leading to the new campaign.

New Summon sounds

Three new summon sounds have been added. Players will now hear special sounds if they summon a rare, epic or legendary card.

New countdown animation

When the countdown number on the enemy changes, it is visually animated (number becomes smaller and bigger). When the enemy shoots his countdown number is animated into the shot.

Cancel shots

Players are now able to cancel their shots by moving their finger to the bottom of the screen. This will hide the “light beam” from the map.

1st star difficulty of last 5 campaigns reduced

People were struggling to complete the first star of the last five campaigns (from “The Orc” to “Dark Creator”). The difficulty of the first stars of these campaigns have now been reduced, so more players can enjoy the monthly campaigns if they get the first star of Dark Creator.

These changes will be introduced together with the March Monthly Campaign, which will be released on the 7th of March, 2018.

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