STRATEGY 101 – Boss level: The Wooden Monster

In this new article we are going to focus on the first Boss level of Spells of Genesis and tell you what’s the best strategy to defeat it.

The first Boss Level you’ll encounter in the game is The Wooden Monster. But what is a “Boss” to begin with? A Boss level is a special level including three waves. On the game’s map they are indicated by a red button.


6 Boss Levels

There are 6 Boss campaigns in the Askian extension of Spells of Genesis. Each of them is a special level with stronger opponents. The Boss levels are:

  • The Wooden Monster
  • Curse of Heights (previously Purple Dragon)
  • Giant of the Mountains
  • Witch of the Hills (previously Sia)
  • Eye of the Orc (previously The Orc)
  • Dark Creator

First Boss: Wooden Monster

“The Wooden Monster is the wild and dangerous guardian of the forests. He talks to the birds and changes the color of the leaves at will, but he doesn’t like imprudent visitors. Beware of those who go astray in its woods.”


The stats of the 7-Stars levels of The Wooden Monster campaign are the following:

Wooden MonsterStar 1Star2Star3Star4Star5Star6Star7
Stamina Cost2334456
Levels per star1111111
Gold Rewards30212733394551
Card RewardDeerDeerDeerDeerKnight of SpringKnight of SpringWooden Shield

Wooden monster levels

Rounds (or waves) Overview

List of enemies

Please be aware that your enemies’ orbs get stronger ! For example, during the first round/wave of the 1st star, you will face a Weanara level 2 that inflicts more damage.

1st Wave 2nd Wave 3rd Wave 
Weanara1Scolopigas2Wooden Monster1
Firefly2Fairy Tales Poet1
Deer2Knight of Spring1
Griffin Scout1
Troll Scout1

Star 1 – Overview

wooden monster waves spells of genesis

Star 1 – Round 1

Enemy : 1 (Weanara level 2)
Level Design : the stone blocks at the top are moving up and down. You have to aim precisely to reach your enemy before the blocks close up. Your best chance to reach the lonely Weanara is with card 1 and 4.

Star 1 – Round 2

Enemies : 5 (2 Scolopigas, 1 Firefly, 2 Deer)
Level design : Stone blocks are moving up and down. The two orbs on the right side are relatively easy to destroy. To reach the other orbs you’ll need to bounce against the right side and have cards in position 3 or 4 with a good speed.

Star 1 – Round 3

Enemies : 5 (1 Wooden Monster (boss), 1 Fairy Tales Poet, 1 Knight of Spring, 1 Griffin Scout, 1 Troll Scout)
Level design : the Stone blocks are moving up and down. Strong cards in position 1 & 4 will allow you to reach the top enemies.

Fighting strategy

How to select your team ?

Build a team with a total Speed between 4 and 6. The moving blocks make it really difficult to correctly target your enemies’ orbs, especially in round 3. So we advise you to select –if you can– a card with “Fire All” to shoot most of your enemies in round 2 and 3. If you don’t have a “Fire All” card, you can use one or two with a “Fire” spell.

Hint: Do the daily quests to get better cards and Level up your best cards as soon as possible!


Card Positions

The respective position of your cards in your team is crucial to give you the best chance to win.
To quickly clean the first round with one card, you should have a card with a minimum of 2 Attack points on the left side (position 1).

The cards in position 3 and 4 will be the most important for the last round. They are the cards with which it will be easier to target the 3 enemies orbs on the left side. So to be sure these cards survive to round 2, I will place the cards with the higher amount of life points.

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