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Luminatis cards spells of genesis

Players of Spells of Genesis have been asking for some statistics about the in-game cards. In this post we are going to focus on the different strategic advantages of the best in-game “Spell All” cards.

What are “Spell All” Cards?

“Spell All” cards allow you to reach all of your opponents’ orbs with one shot, provided you are able to target the icon of the element on the battlefield. (Granted, the icon is sometimes just impossible to reach when they are behind some obstacles.)

Additionally, Spell All cards are more efficient when combined with other Spell All cards. You may start with a “Target All” card then follow with a “Fire All” to inflict the most damages to your enemies. Of course, it takes time, luck or gems to obtain four Epic or Legendary Spell All cards. Nevertheless, some Rare and Common, easier to get, Spell All cards are quite useful when quad-fused and leveled up to their maximum value.

Our advice: Be patient, always keep these Spell All cards (even the Commons) and level them up as quickly as possible!

Total Value

To evaluate the Total Value (Tval) of these cards, we are relying on the following formula:

Tval = Health + (Attack * 2) + (Speed * 2) + (Strength*3).

As you can guess from this formula, the Total Value of a card is a combination of its general strengths and weaknesses, but the Strength of the card is multiplied by three when it is a “Spell All” one.

Of course, the “strategic value” of a card depends on other factors as well. Its position in your team, the campaign and level you are playing, the enemies you are fighting, the total speed of your team may all have an influence on this strategic value. For example, a slow card may be perfectly useful in some levels and not in others. It’s up to you to make the best choice!


In terms of strategic advantage, Legendary cards are the best when they are at their maximum strength and fusion. But some Epic and Rare cards are also worth keeping, especially when you start.

Offensive cards

The three offensive elements are Fire, Light and Darkness.

Flame All

Flame All cards send orbs of fire against your enemies. They may or may not inflict fatal damages to your foes depending on their Health. They inflict a lot of damages when they are preceded by Target All cards.

Transcendental Firelord of Shadows, Legendary 4-fused from Fire Knight of Shadows, is a must have if you are lucky enough to get four Fire Knights of Shadows. It has a Tval of 54, a Health of 14, and deals 8 damages to all enemies. Among the Epics, Viscula Ladybug (Tval 43) and Devastating Troll (Tval 38) are very helpful, as well as the Rare Power of the Scattered Fire (Tval 28) and Virbulos Elite (Tval 27). Two Common cards are also good to have in early stages of the game : Carniath Celebration of Summer (4-fused from Carniath Potion Seller, Tval 23) and Viscula Tick (4-fused from Tick, Tval 23).

Target All

Aodh cards spells of genesis

The Target All cards add extra damages to your enemies when they are hit. They are most potent when followed by a Fire All card.

The best of the Darkness cards is the Legendary Aodh the Dark (Tval 48), 4-fused from Apprentice Aodh. It has a Health of 17, an Attack of 10 and a Strength of 9. In second position comes the Epic Papiigas, the 4-fused version of Culigas, with a Tval of 36, a Health of 10, a Strength of 6 and Attack of 9. Easier to get and very good too, the Rare Yellow Shaman (Tval 31) is the 4-fused evolution from Spectre of Swamps.

Strength All

The Strength All cards increase the destructive power of your other cards by giving them more power.

Among the “Strength All” cards, the Legendary Trident Queen, 4-fused from the Merman’s Trident is the best. With a Tval of 49, a Health of 13 and a Strength of 6, this card will increase the attack of your team significantly, if you disregard its poor Speed (0). In second position you have the Epic Warrior Luminatis, with a Tval of 32. It’s Health is 12, Attack is 5 but its Speed is 2. In third position, you have the Rare Viscula Firefly, with a Tval of 23, a Health of 8 and a Speed of 3.

Defensive Cards

The three defensive elements are Water, Earth and Ice. Among the defensive cards we have the Heal All, Freeze All and Shield All cards. Each of these spells can give you an advantage on the battlefield depending on the campaign, level and enemy you are fighting against.

Heal All

Hevenly Shepherd spells of genesis

Heal All cards restore the Health of your team. With a total value of 68, the Heavenly Shepherd, 4-fused from Life Fruits Grower is the best of the Heal All cards. This card will help you restore the health of your whole team when under heavy attack. Its maximum Strength is 11, which is quite powerful. In the second place we have the Epic Reinforced Orcandos (4-fused from Oconcha) with a total value of 46. And in the third place we have the Epic Eraol, 4-fused from Eraurk, with a total value of 41.

Shield All

Carniath cards spells of genesis

The Shield All spell temporarily protects your team against the attacks of your enemies. The best Shield All card is the Legendary Carniath Creator, 4-fused from Carniath Wanderer, with a Tval of 76! It has no Speed but an impressive Health of 30. In the second place, the Epic Enchanted Shield, 4-fused from Wooden Shield, is another excellent Shield All card, with a Strength of 12 and a Health of 15. Common Viscula Scarab (Tval 29, Health 14) and Princess of Spring (Tval 28, Health 9) are good third options. This card is the result of a quad-fusion from Rare Knight of Spring, which originally has no spell.

Freeze All

ice cards spells of genesis

The Freeze all cards are not meant to inflict damages but rather slow down the attack of your enemies. Well placed in your team, a Freeze All card may help you win by allowing you to differ your enemies’ attack. The Ice, Freeze All cards are not powerful, though. They have no Strength, medium Attack and Health. Epic Itlan King Gar’Awall (Tval 26) has a Speed of 2, which is ok but only increases the countdown of all your enemies by 1 point. Rare Ice Dragon (4-fused from Crystal Golem) and Epic Frozen Colossus (4-fused from Frozen Plains Golem have 0 Speed and a Strength of 1, but may be useful in some occasions.

 List of “Spell All” cards to collect and keep in Spells of Genesis

(Total Value between brackets)


Legendary: Apprentice Aodh (32) – Aodh the Light (43) – Aodh the Dark (48)
Epic: Culigas (22) – Scarigas (27) – Papiigas (36)
Rare: Spectre of Swamps (17) – Black Shaman (22) – Yellow Shaman (31)


Legendary: Carniath Wanderer (40) – Carniath Overseer (57) – Carniath Creator (76)
Epic: Wooden Shield (30) – Metal Shield (42) – Enchanted Shield (55)
Epic: Crow Warrior (16) – Crow Warrior’s Gift (23) – Crow Warrior’s Secret (33)
Rare: Knight of Spring (14) – Guardian of Spring (19) – Princess of Spring (28)
Common: Scarab (11) – Giant Scarab (16) – Viscula Scarab (29)
Common: Deer (11) – Wild Deer (16) – Royal Deer (20)


Legendary : Fire Knight of Shadows (27) – Firelord of Shadows (36) – Transcendental Firelord of Shadows (54)
Epic : Ladybug (19) – Giant Ladybug (27) – Viscula Ladybug (43)
Epic : Infected Troll (23) – Sneaky Troll (31) – Devastating Troll (38)
Rare : Power of the Elementalist (15) – Power of Fire (20) – Power of the Scattered Fire (28)
Common : Carniath Potion Seller (13) – Carniath Serpent Fisherman (17) – Carniath Celebration of Summer (23)
Common : Tick (11) – Giant Tick (16) – Viscula Tick (23)


Epic : Frozen Plains Golem (13) – Frozen Runic Golem (20) – Frozen Colossus (25)
Epic : Itlan Hero (17) – Itlan Champion (23) – Itlan King Gar’Awall (26)
Rare : Crystal Golem (15) – Enraged Crystal Golem (17) – Ice Dragon (23)


Legendary: Merman’s Trident (28) – Royal Trident (39) – Trident Queen (49)
Epic: Luminatis (18) – Scholar Luminatis (25) – Warrior Luminatis (32)
Rare: Firefly (13) – Giant Firefly (18) – Viscula Firefly (23)


Legendary: Life Fruits Grower (37) – Griffin Tamer (51) – Heavenly Shepherd (68)
Epic: Eraurk (23) – Eraurk Rider (33) – Eraol (41)
Epic: Oconcha (27) – Orcandos (37) – Reinforced Orcandos (46)
Rare: Elf Master of Water (15) – Water Elf General (21) – Water Elf Admiral (26)
Rare: Water Spear Blacksmith (15) – Water Spear Enchantress (21) – Water Spear Fighter (27)
Common: Mantis (12) – Giant Mantis (16) – Viscula Mantis (20)

NB: Some in-game, “Spell All” cards are not available to players yet: the Orc, the Watcher, the Werewolf, Wild Horse and Lightning Warrior. These cards are part of the “Askian expansion” set. They are in-game but cannot be acquired through normal summons. Instead you will be able to get them through special time-based premium offers (with gems) or by participating in competitive in-game events. Once we launch a new expansion the new cards will be obtainable through events and special time-based premium offers.

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